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Savoring the Sips: How French People Drink Coffee

Savoring the Sips: How French People Drink Coffee

Coffee is a staple of French culture and a vital component of daily life for many. The French are renowned for their love of coffee, and it is enjoyed in a variety of ways throughout the day. Here is a brief overview of how French people drink coffee.

First and foremost, the French prefer to drink their coffee in a small cup, known as a "tasse." These cups are smaller than the typical coffee cup found in the United States, and they hold roughly three to four ounces of liquid. The reason for the smaller cup size is that the French prefer to savor their coffee slowly and in smaller portions.

One of the most popular ways to enjoy coffee in France is by drinking it in a café or brasserie. These establishments offer a range of coffee options, from espresso to cappuccino, and often serve them with a small cookie or piece of chocolate. Many French people stop by a café or brasserie for their morning coffee before heading to work, and it is also common to take a mid-morning break for another cup of coffee.

At home, French people often make their coffee using a French press, which is also known as a "cafetière." This method involves steeping ground coffee in hot water and then pressing a plunger to separate the grounds from the liquid. The result is a strong, flavorful coffee that is typically served with milk or cream.

Another popular way to enjoy coffee in France is by ordering a "café au lait," which is coffee with milk. This beverage is typically made by mixing equal parts coffee and hot milk, and it is often served in a large bowl-like cup called a "bol."

Finally, the French also enjoy drinking coffee after meals, particularly at dinner. This is often referred to as "café gourmand," and it typically consists of a small cup of espresso served alongside a selection of miniature desserts or sweets.

In conclusion, coffee is an essential part of French culture, and the French take great care in how they drink it. From small cups to French presses, there are many ways to enjoy coffee in France, and it is often accompanied by a sweet treat or enjoyed as a midday break. Whether in a café or at home, the French appreciate the ritual of enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.